Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey yall,
I need everyone that sees this to please visit www.emersongrace.webs.com and check out my site :) I want to know what yall think of my singing also If you see this and have a twitter please follow me @EmersonGracee Im trying to start as a singer and I want all yall to know tht my fans are called Amazing Graces <3

Friday, April 6, 2012

Since Its Black Friday, i fig. I'd talk about Easter :D Soo yall prob. know that Easter is Sun. and the Easter Bunny comes and yada yada yada but the REAL meaning of Easter is the ressurection of Christ, People Mocked him made fun of him and even gambled for his clothes while he stood there in pain asking for God to forgive them! While others, wouldve cursed and screamed but Jesus talked to God! <3 (Although it would be cool to have some clothes of the King of Kings <3) But one thing was for sure the people were stupid....they let a criminal go just to kill a PERFECT man! Even Pilot said he could find nothing wrong with the man..but yet they killed him anyway! One Reason why the people were mocking him was because He couldve rescued himself but didnt, but he had a reason if He wouldve gotten down or rescued himself it wouldve ruined God's plan and he knew that. Last but not least Jesus's pain, just so all yall know Jesus's pain wasnt the cross, it was the sins all on him! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Team Peeta or Gale?

Howdy Yall,
Just saw the hunger games! I personally loved it! Katniss was my favorite I love how we share the love of Archery ;) Anways it was amazing...are you team Peeta or team Gale? comment below...the funny thing was that afterwards i asked my sister WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? and she said YOU HAVE TO READ ugh....I dont read soo I googled it hehe Always tinkin ;) 

BTW im a team Peeta if youre a team peeta you can check out this site:
If youre team Gale then youre outta luck cuz Im tired of searching haha soo do your own googling! But I will post a pic for team Gale...it may not be ask cool as Peeta's JK JK Here another Pic thought this was pretty funny....well who cares ENJOY! the pics...SO my googling wasnt worthless :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Howdy Yall,
I finally finsihed my Neptune report..SOO HAPPY! it was super easy but anyways glad its done! Now i gotta help people think "tourist attractions" for their planets...O FUN........MORE WORK anyways! I did learn Neptune is really cool and its biggest moon is Triton! I love projects....I learn soo much and yet have fun while doing soo!

Scotty fans harassing Hunter fans about Hunter losing the ACMs

Alright so recently Scotty won the new artist award for the ACMs....yall all know I wanted HUNTER to win because in my opinion hes a all around better artist...he can play 30 intstruments, he's got the looks, and he started for scratch,where as Scotty had more publicity because of American Idol and so people knew who he was so in my opinion HUNTER SHOULDVE WON!
        Later i went on www.HunterHayes.com and scrolled down to the chat where I saw SCOTTY FANS bashing on Hunter and saying things like "SCOTTY WON, IN YOUR FACE!" which in my opinion is very wrong to do on HUNTER HAYES'S website...when we Hayniacs did nothing to the Macreeries.....also I recieved MANY texts saying IN YOUR FACE SCOTTY ONE! which again is very rude! so pretty much too sum it off SCOTTY FANS BACK OFF! YOU MAKE SCOTTY'S REPUTATION VERY BAD AND ARE ANNOYING THE HAYNIACS SO AGAIN GO AWAY! I dont see why they dont go bother other people I mean just because WE have a chat on the website doesnt mean you can go on there and harass us...whatd we ever do to you! so in my case, congratz scotty your fans just shot you down lower on my least fav. artist have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vetrinary Lab Technician (Vet Tech)

Just found out what I wanted to be! It combines my two favorite things science and animals...at first I wanted to take after my mom and work in a hospital lab but she said now - adays its more like an assembly line...so I did some research! Vet Techs are the people in the lab that take the animals blood and all that stuff! Comment below on what you want to be!


Just Found Out that Hunter Hayes fans are called Hayniacs I AM SOOO A HAYNIAC!
 p.s. Check out his new albulm availible in stores now! :D

Beee Yourself!

Howdy Yall,
hope you liked my last posts! Did ya vote for Hunter? :) anways......Ive had a couple of people copy me lately..I HATE BEING COPIED. so today my post is on copying people.
 Okay...so see this saying yeah..ITS TRUE! God made everyone different for different reasons. Sometimes you dont get what you want but that just means God has bigger and better plans for you. Even if it means you dreamed of being a billionaire but God led you to be a hopeless hobo but see even if that was you...God did that to prove a point to help others out...for example: When people see a hobo it encourages them to strive to always do their best so they wont end up poor.
God is proud of his creation and you should too. Instead of looking at the bad things of being you look at the good things. but one thing to think about is...If YOU arent being YOU than who's gonna be you..God aint gonna zap someone down from Heaven to replace you..He wants YOU to be YOU! Some people arent proud of the way they are made..I know I am! comment below the ups and downs of being you...Dont be shy..Here I'll go first! Try to do AT LEAST two but if youre already confident dont go overboard with the good sides. Its better to have more faults because that means you have more to work at and you wont get bored.But remember we are all Fearfully and Wonderfully made and just like all humans we all have faults.....So dont copy people because then you arent being proud of God's creation. Remember : God is the painter we are the painting...God is the creator but we have to work hard to make him look good...well better than he ALREADY looks which is REALLY GREAT.
Faults ~
Mean at times
short temper
Upsides ~

 Upsides ~
Always Happy
Fun to be around

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

God is calling! ;)

Howdy Yall,
First off I want to say Im SOO excited...THIS IS MY FIRST POST! Anyways......one thing I wanted to share with yall is this picture that I found its really cool and I wanted to know what yall thought....
I thought this was a really cool way to put it in to our terms of " God is calling" he isnt calling you thrue a phone..He's calling your Heart <3 you just have to be quite long enough to know hear what He is saying!

So what are you waiting for ANSWER the Call ;)

Vote Hunter Hayes for ACMs

Howdy Yall,
This is a shout out to all of my country gals out there....If you aint a country girl then well you might not know what the ACMs are but I still want ya to do me a big favor and vote Hunter Hayes. Alright, so the ACMs are country music awards....now ya know! ;) :D sooo...now that you know go to  http://www.cbs.com/shows/academy_of_country_music/vote/ com and vote for HUNTER HAYES! He looks like this:  If you wanna here what you're voting for you can go to : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5MPxz-8e6A&ob=av3e and watch his hit single's storm warning's video!