Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beee Yourself!

Howdy Yall,
hope you liked my last posts! Did ya vote for Hunter? :) anways......Ive had a couple of people copy me lately..I HATE BEING COPIED. so today my post is on copying people. see this saying yeah..ITS TRUE! God made everyone different for different reasons. Sometimes you dont get what you want but that just means God has bigger and better plans for you. Even if it means you dreamed of being a billionaire but God led you to be a hopeless hobo but see even if that was you...God did that to prove a point to help others out...for example: When people see a hobo it encourages them to strive to always do their best so they wont end up poor.
God is proud of his creation and you should too. Instead of looking at the bad things of being you look at the good things. but one thing to think about is...If YOU arent being YOU than who's gonna be you..God aint gonna zap someone down from Heaven to replace you..He wants YOU to be YOU! Some people arent proud of the way they are made..I know I am! comment below the ups and downs of being you...Dont be shy..Here I'll go first! Try to do AT LEAST two but if youre already confident dont go overboard with the good sides. Its better to have more faults because that means you have more to work at and you wont get bored.But remember we are all Fearfully and Wonderfully made and just like all humans we all have faults.....So dont copy people because then you arent being proud of God's creation. Remember : God is the painter we are the painting...God is the creator but we have to work hard to make him look good...well better than he ALREADY looks which is REALLY GREAT.
Faults ~
Mean at times
short temper
Upsides ~

 Upsides ~
Always Happy
Fun to be around

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