Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scotty fans harassing Hunter fans about Hunter losing the ACMs

Alright so recently Scotty won the new artist award for the ACMs....yall all know I wanted HUNTER to win because in my opinion hes a all around better artist...he can play 30 intstruments, he's got the looks, and he started for scratch,where as Scotty had more publicity because of American Idol and so people knew who he was so in my opinion HUNTER SHOULDVE WON!
        Later i went on and scrolled down to the chat where I saw SCOTTY FANS bashing on Hunter and saying things like "SCOTTY WON, IN YOUR FACE!" which in my opinion is very wrong to do on HUNTER HAYES'S website...when we Hayniacs did nothing to the Macreeries.....also I recieved MANY texts saying IN YOUR FACE SCOTTY ONE! which again is very rude! so pretty much too sum it off SCOTTY FANS BACK OFF! YOU MAKE SCOTTY'S REPUTATION VERY BAD AND ARE ANNOYING THE HAYNIACS SO AGAIN GO AWAY! I dont see why they dont go bother other people I mean just because WE have a chat on the website doesnt mean you can go on there and harass us...whatd we ever do to you! so in my case, congratz scotty your fans just shot you down lower on my least fav. artist have a nice day!

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