Friday, April 6, 2012

Since Its Black Friday, i fig. I'd talk about Easter :D Soo yall prob. know that Easter is Sun. and the Easter Bunny comes and yada yada yada but the REAL meaning of Easter is the ressurection of Christ, People Mocked him made fun of him and even gambled for his clothes while he stood there in pain asking for God to forgive them! While others, wouldve cursed and screamed but Jesus talked to God! <3 (Although it would be cool to have some clothes of the King of Kings <3) But one thing was for sure the people were stupid....they let a criminal go just to kill a PERFECT man! Even Pilot said he could find nothing wrong with the man..but yet they killed him anyway! One Reason why the people were mocking him was because He couldve rescued himself but didnt, but he had a reason if He wouldve gotten down or rescued himself it wouldve ruined God's plan and he knew that. Last but not least Jesus's pain, just so all yall know Jesus's pain wasnt the cross, it was the sins all on him! 

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